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Institute for Global Studies 25th Anniversary

A personal campaign sponsored by the Institute for Global Studies


During our 25th Anniversary Year, we are asking for your support for our International Study Award. This award supports students studying abroad, helping them to gain meaningful exposure to other countries and cultures and developing their interpersonal skills. 

Thanks to a generous match by Thomas Klas, '97 graduate of CLA's International Relations program, all gifts to this year's Give to the Max Day for Global Studies will be doubled!

From its inception, IGS has been committed to building a home for an extraordinary, interdisciplinary group of faculty and an undergraduate curriculum focused on the critical social, political, cultural and environmental issues of the day. When the Institute was created in 1998 it was one of the first Global Studies programs in the country and was hailed as a national leader in this new field, promoting an innovative way for CLA students to engage with the world. The Global Studies major brought together a diverse array of exciting young scholars to build a course of study that was both interdisciplinary and coherent. From its start, the curriculum has encouraged students to engage with the world by combining challenging coursework, experiences studying abroad, and internship opportunities.

Hear from alumna Sheila about how Global Studies fostered her curiosity about the world through her study abroad experience and complimentary coursework on human rights, migration, and justice. 

One recent Global Studies students reflected on their study abroad experience: "Every day was an adventure with friends I never thought I would have." 

Thank you for your supporting these life-changing experiences with your gift. 

Together we can give more students opportunity to live and learn in other cultures, leading to a more understanding world.