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Student Support Week 2022

A personal campaign sponsored by the Taylor Student Projects Fund


From coral bioreactors to mechanical arcade cabinets, the Taylor Student Projects Fund helps CSE students build their dreams. Funding more than 20 projects each academic year, the Taylor Student Projects Fund gives students from every corner of CSE the resources they need to design, test, and ultimately build their passion projects. As students work on their projects they bring all their skills in design, collaboration, fabrication, and more together to create something tangible. More than that, they gain valuable experience in all it takes to bring an idea from inception to reality.

"Conducting my project in the Anderson Lab gave me the resources and freedom I needed to pilot the technology I developed, which is now going on to be part of an expanding startup company."
 - Benjamin Alva, Biomedical Engineering 22

The Taylor Student Projects Fund is distributed by the CSE Anderson Student Innovation Labs makerspaces, where fund recipients have access to prototyping equipment and staff mentoring to help them complete their projects.

If CSE students can imagine it, they can build it. Your gift today can help!