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Back a Pack 2022: Support the Voyageurs Wolf Project

A personal campaign sponsored by Voyageurs Wolf Project

June 30, 2022


Back a pack and support the research of the Voyageurs Wolf Project!

We need to raise $100,000 for this field season to continue studying 10 different wolf packs ($10,000/pack).  In particular, we need funding for the following packs (see map below):

1.) Half-Moon, 2) Lightfoot, 3) Wiyapka Lake, 4) Paradise, 5) Huron, 6) Bluebird Lake, 7) Bug Creek, 8) Moonshadow, 9) Tamarack, and 10) Windsong.

To support a particular pack, make a donation and put the name of the pack you want to support in the comment/text box section when submitting your donation (i.e., in the section that says "Leave an encouraging message for the Voyageurs Wolf Project")! 

We will share regular e-mail updates on all of the wolf packs we study with anyone who supports a wolf pack!