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Guatamala project leads, Niki and Kai, walkthrough Paraxaj with children and community leaders on recent assessment trip.
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In 2018, both EWB-UMN projects will return to their respective communities to implement the designs we have been working on this school year. What we do for these communities would not be possible without the generous support we receive for our projects. Your tax-deductible contribution to Engineers without Borders - University of Minnesota Chapter through our CEGE Strategic Initiatives Fund will allow us to purchase the tools and materials needed to implement our engineering designs and supplement travel funds so we can succeed in our work.

Our current Guatemala project involves the installation of a water distribution system for the village of Paraxaj. Paraxaj is a rural community of around 1000 people located in the mountains of central Guatemala, near our previous partner community of Xiquin Sanahi. They have no reliable year-round water source and the few unreliable wells have been found contaminated or run dry during the dry season. Seeing the success of our Xiquin Sanahi project, the village leaders requested our chapter’s guidance in designing a safe and reliable system of water distribution for the community. The Guatemala implementation trip is planned for August to address their water sanitation and accessibility problems, and we need your support for it to be successful.

   "Little by little if each us does what we can we'll leave this hurting planet a little better off for the next generation." -Xiquin Sanahi, Guatemala COCODE                                     

In May, our Ethiopia project will be traveling to Filakit, Ethiopia. The main concern in Filakit is the lack of water for their community of approximately 400 people. The community's crop yields are low and they have limited household water access during the extreme dry season. We hope to begin solving these problems and others on our implementation trip in May through new catchment systems, piping, drip irrigation systems, an education initiative, and better crop options. Please, help sustain this project, which is expected to be the first of many in Filakit and other nearby communities.

We invite you to consider investing in the work we do to improve the lives of community members in Filakit Geragera, Ethiopia and Paraxaj, Guatemala. With your help, these implementation trips will continue our chapter's mission of improving the lives of people in underprivileged communities through student-engineered solutions! To learn more, visit our chapter website,!

Below is an outline of how your donation can benefit both EWB-UMN projects:

  • $12 - 20 Feet of Potable Water PVC Piping
  • $55 - Single Water Meter (Estimated 100 Units to be Installed)
  • $100 - 10 Bags of Cement (Estimated 500 Bags for Spigot Foundations and Dam/Catchment Tank Building)
  • $330 - Pressure Relief Box to Allow for Household Use of the Sanitary Water Pumped up from the Spring
  • $1,100 - Roundtrip Ticket to Guatemala for Team Member
  • $1,600 - Roundtrip Ticket to Ethiopia for Team Member
  • $12,000 - Average Total Material Cost for Implementation Trip
  • $56,000 - Total Cost Estimate for Both Trips Planned for Summer 2018

Team Leader: Mitchell Van Buren

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