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Very proud of the work this team is doing! Good luck on the race and your next car!
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The University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project is a group of dedicated students who have successfully designed, built, raced, and marketed their own solar car, Eos II. They have spent countless hours machining parts, planning events, designing electical PCB boards, and doing so much more. All of their hard work has shown through their 3000km trek through the Australian Outback at the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. But now UMNSVP is back on the road again competing in the 2018 American Solar Challenge! 

ASC 2018 will start in Omaha, NE then travel roughly along the Oregon Trail and end in Bend, OR. This endurance race will test the limits of Eos II, as she will drive up and over the Rocky Mountains escalating over 8000 feet on the journey. The students from UMNSVP will first start at a qualifier in Hasting, NE called the Formula Sun Grand Prix. This track race will last three days and will determine which solar cars are reliable and efficient enough to race the 1600+ mile American Solar Challenge. For those who are interested in witnessing FSGP, please see the schedule provided in this link. If you would like to see the schedule for ASC, click this link.

Your contribution towards the team will allow more students from the U of M to experience the trip of a lifetime racing solar vehicles, doing real world engineering projects, and learning unforgetable life lessons. Help the team fulfill its mission statement to create better engineers, business people, and leaders while improving solar vehicle technology. All donors' names will appear on the website

For more information on the Solar Vehicle Project and their racing, visit

Also for current update on what the team is doing check our UMNSVP's facebook page.

If you know a business who might be interested in sponsoring the Solar Vehicle Projects and the benefits that are included, take a look at the Sponsor Information Brochure

We are proud to say that for the Multi Occupant Vehicle Class our team received 1st place in the 2018 Formula Sun Grand Prix and 2nd place in the 2018 American Solar Challenge. The results were as follows:

===FSGP 2018 Overall Winners & Results===

Single Occupant Vehicle (SOV) Class:

1. Poly Montreal – 403 Laps (866.45 miles)
2. UC Berkeley – 338 Laps (726.7 miles)
3. Western Sydney – 333 Laps (715.95 miles)

Multi Occupant Vehicle (MOV) Class:

1. Minnesota – 1.000 S Value (2269.8 person-kilometers)
2. Bologna – 0.337 S Value (1906.5 person-kilometers)
3. App State – 0.086 S Value (636.7 person-kilometers)

===ASC 2018 Overall Winners & Results===

Single Occupant Vehicle (SOV) Class

1. Western Sydney
2. Michigan
3. ETS

Multi Occupant Vehicle (MOV) Class

1. Bologna
2. Minnesota & App State
3. Waterloo

Thanks everyone for your support through this exciting event! Our team is now continuing work on our next solar car!!

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