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Center for Climate Literacy

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The Center for Climate Literacy, housed in the College of Education and Human Development, the first and only Center of its kind in the world, believes in the power of story to imagine and build a sustainable world. We are at the forefront of climate literacy education, using stories to fight against despair and apathy. To do our work, we need your support.

Until now, climate solutions have depended on science to solve the crisis. But science alone is not enough. Carbon emissions continue to rise. Global temperatures continue to creep upward. Dependence on fossil fuels, plastics, and nonrenewable resources goes on and on.

Stories shape our expectations about the world. Without stories that show us the values, ideas, relationships, and commitments needed to sustain life on the planet, even the best science will fall short. But stories alone also will be insufficient. We need resources to analyze, interpret, and internalize the solutions they offer. We also need every single person on the planet to be literate in this way. This movement’s ground zero will be our classrooms, and engaging youth in this work is essential.

The Center for Climate Literacy provides K-12 teachers with the resources to harness the power of story to teach climate literacy. We support several, ongoing projects: