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One Big Week Campaign for Boynton's Nutritious U Food Pantry

A personal campaign sponsored by the University of Minnesota

September 12, 2021


UPDATE September 20th: This campaign is now closed, but you can still support Boynton's Nutritious U Food Pantry any time at

To see the final totals from the Big 10 collectively, visit!

Thank you to all the donors who made this One Big Week such a success, and for your support of Boyton's Nutritious U Food Pantry!


It’s been a tough year to be a student. That’s why the universities that make up the Big Ten are coming together for One Big Week to raise funds for student support programs. Together, we have the power to positively impact more than 600,000 students nationwide.

Can you chip in $15 this week? You can help a U of M student by chipping in just $15 to Boynton Health's Nutritious U Food Pantry. On average, one $15 gift provides 5 bags of free, healthy and nutritious food to students who struggle to get enough to eat. 

Why Boynton's Nutritious U Food Pantry? 

At the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, nearly one in five students worry whether

they will run out of food before they have money to buy more, or have run out of food.

Boynton's Nutritious U Food Pantry wants to make sure students have access to more than just the bare minimum, by providing an on-campus food pantry filled with quality fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins. Often, students lack reliable transportation to get to an affordable grocery store, or due to a tight budget may not be able to afford nutritious foods.

In addition, college food insecurity is significantly associated with many adverse student outcomes, including health and academic outcomes, like difficulty concentrating in class, lower grade point averages, and higher drop-out rates. Your support helps students meet their basic needs - so they can focus on finishing their degree without worrying about where their next meal will come from.

This year, your support is even more critical. During the 2020-21 academic year, Boynton's Nutritious U Food Pantry had over 4,000 visits and distributed over 47,000 pounds of food! Your gift will go towards purchasing food and keeping the food pantry open to any and all students who need it. 

Thank you for helping to provide healthy food for our students, and being a champion for the University of Minnesota during this One Big Week.


Individually, we are great. Together, we are better!


Boynton Health’s Nutritious U Pantry serves all University of Minnesota students.