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Medical School Mental Health Campaign

A personal campaign sponsored by Medical School

May 1, 2021


National Mental Health Month, May 1st- 31st, is a time to raise awareness and eliminate stigma surrounding mental health issues! 

At the University of Minnesota Medical School, we want to take this opportunity to honor and support our students and the struggles they may face during their rigorous medical training. 

Cognitive overload. Unexpected illness. Family emergencies. For students, all of this, and more, can trigger mental health concerns ranging from anxiety to clinical depression to suicide ideation. If not diagnosed and treated, those conditions can knock students seriously off course — or worse

We invite you, our network of alumni and friends, to join us, and encourage our students by showing your support through a gift to the Medical Schools Student Wellness Fund. 

A gift to the Medical School’s Student Wellness Fund provides necessary mental health resources to our aspiring physicians. 

Give now in honor of your medical education journey.