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Apparel Design Fashion Showcase

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In addition to designing a fashion line, the senior class is responsible for raising all of the funds in order to produce an annual fashion show. Traditionally we host a fashion show to celebrate and jumpstart our careers in the industry, however due to COVID19 we are unable to host our monumental fashion show experience. But we haven't lost hope! We are pivoting to an all digital showcase event in the spring to present our work to the industry.

Ticket sales from the fashion show usually cover the costs for our portfolios and photography, however we will be unable to raise money in the same way this year. We need your help more than ever to bring our creative vision to life.

Your generous contribution would help cover the costs of professional photography, videography, an art gallery experience, portfolio development, hair and make-up and more!

Support the class of 2021 and create a pathway for emerging designers to adapt to a changing world. 


Breaking Silence: Design for a Changing World represents a diverse collective of 12 designers producing inspiring collections that challenge the perception of what we wear and how it’s made. By using natural fabrics, hand-dyeing techniques, timeless silhouettes, and wearable technology, each collection breaks through the norms of traditional fashion and brings the wearer into the process through a human-centered approach.

Collectively, these designs uniquely confront and reflect upon the systemic issues in the fashion industry, utilizing the power of design to meet the needs of a changing world.

Your contribution includes a thank you and a tax-deductible gift of your choice to the University of Minnesota’s Apparel Design Program.

$10 - Covers the costs for a University student ticket to the showcase, making it more accessible to all students who might not be able to otherwise attend the show.

$25 - Provides a student with the opportunity to showcase their work in an art gallery setting

$35 - Bring the photoshoot experience to life for a designer by supporting light, sound, and behind-the-scenes.

$50 - Transform a look with Hair & Makeup services for one student.

$150 - Builds mentorship opportunities for students to work directly with industry professionals to create a runway to their future careers.

Help us get ready for our professional careers, with an individual contribution to directly support the annual Apparel Design Fashion Showcase. From photography and lighting to videography and building a professional portfolio, this spring showcase would not be possible without the support and contributions from our friends, family, and community.