Yes. All gifts made on this site are 100 percent tax deductible.

No. An admin fee will not be taken off of U crowdfunding donations.

Anyone with a love for the U—donors, alumni, friends, staff, students, faculty, patients, sports fans—wishing to raise money for an existing U of M Foundation fund..

If there is any medical information shared by the page owner pertaining to anyone other than themselves, the U Foundation will also require signed consent from the person whose medical condition or treatment is being disclosed, acknowledging only that they consent to their personal information being listed on a U crowdfunding page.

Supporters can create a fundraising page by themselves or choose to fundraise as a team with others all fundraising toward the same goal. Team crowdfunding gives your family and friends the opportunity to raise money by creating their own crowdfunding page that's connected with your main campaign page.

Teams and Individual pages description


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A “campaign” is how pages are grouped on our crowdfunding website. Most campaigns are tied to events, such as Goldy’s Run, so it’s clear to page builders which to choose when setting up a page. Site users not tied to a listed campaign on the site should select “Create your own campaign” when building their page.

If you’re part of organizing a large event benefitting the U and wish to launch a crowdfunding initiative with many people fundraising on our site for a U fund, we will consider adding a customized campaign for your event.

No. The U of M crowdfunding site cannot accept any type of event registration payments or fees, due to possible tax implications for receipting the funds. If you’re organizing an event and wish to create an online event registration, please contact U Ticketing.

Yes, so that they can administer the page—add and update text and images, thank donors, etc…

When building their webpage, users are required to enter a U “cause” that they wish to fundraise for. The site administrator will then match up the cause with an existing U of M Foundation fund as part of the webpage approval process. If there is any uncertainty about a user’s intent, the site admin will reach out to the user.

Once created, pages are reviewed by a U of M crowdfunding site admin within 2-3 business days. If not approved, the user will be notified via email of the reason. For more information around site terms, see: https://bit.ly/CFterms.

The person who sets up the crowdfunding page (the page owner) will receive an email notification each time a gift is made, letting them know: who gave, the amount of the gift, and providing the donor’s email, so that you can thank them.

Crowdfunding donors do have the option of choosing to NOT share their gift information with the page owner. The U Foundation will honor that request.

No. Donors do NOT need to login to give to a U of M crowdfunding page.

The U of M Foundation will gladly accept these gifts to the U cause you’ve chosen to support. However, the crowdfunding website thermometer and donor list will only show gifts that were made online through the site. We do NOT display gifts that come in through other sites or via check or cash.

If you have checks or cash that you wish to contribute to your U fundraising cause, please fill out this form and follow the mailing instructions. Page owners can also update the text on your crowdfunding page to acknowledge any additional giving to your cause. (For example: “In addition to funds raised on this page, we also received an additional $500 in checks and cash. Thank you to our donors!”)

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Donor data, such as name, address, email, gift amount, fund, etc… goes into the U’s donor database, allowing for timely receipting and gift acknowledgement.

Yes, but their donor information—name, address, email, gift amount—will still go into the U database as it's required for tax receipting.

Funds raised on this website go to the University of Minnesota Foundation fund listed on each giving page, right below the page title.

About crowdfunding

About crowdfunding


Questions about getting started or fundraising strategy?

Contact Robyn White at rwhite@umn.edu