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What if good nutrition was just a click away? You can help us discover the answer on Give to the Max Day!

Four of the ten leading causes of death in the U.S. are nutrition-related (heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes), which helps explains why most Americans report that eating healthier is a priority for them. Our research team is driven to figure out ways to support Americans in their efforts eat better, and we think a unique opportunity is afoot. Online grocery shopping is expected to explode in popularity in the coming years, and this platform has enormous potential to support good nutrition through creative design. For example, imagine having the option to click a button to opt into a ‘healthy shopping’ marketplace in which tempting foods are hidden from view or search results prioritize displaying more nutritious foods first. Maybe a virtual nutritionist could be available 24-7 to answer your nutrition questions while you shop. How about a 10% discount on your groceries if the foods in your shopping cart meet your nutrition goals? Help kick-start our research to develop features and functions that online grocers may incorporate in their virtual marketplaces to support those striving to eat better for good health.

Dr. Lisa Harnack is leading this research project. Dr. Harnack is a nutritional epidemiologist and director of the Nutrition Coordinating Center at the University of Minnesota. She has over 20 years of research experience and has published >100 scientific articles. Click here for more information on Dr. Harnack's expertise.

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