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The Robina Institute’s mission connects interdisciplinary education, research, and policy analysis with practice to achieve transformative change in sentencing and correctional policies and practices.  

By conducting original qualitative and quantitative research, and by partnering with national and local criminal justice agencies, parole boards, courts, legislative bodies, sentencing commissions, and many others on our research efforts, the Robina Institute is able to provide in-depth analysis, scholarship, and evaluation that creates a path forward for criminal justice system actors to create real reform.

Through this work we hope to achieve our vision of increasing more just and equitable sentencing laws and policies, improving public safety, and encouraging systems and decision-makers to rely on research and evidence-based approaches, while decreasing racial disproportionality in criminal justice and the human and financial impacts that mass punishment practices and mass incarceration have on communities and families.

Some of the ways we are working to achieve these goals, include:

  • Providing the one-of-a kind Sentencing Guidelines Resource Center; a unique online resource that offers insight, information, the ability to compare jurisdictions, and analysis about sentencing guidelines systems in the United States.
  • Assisting jurisdictions like Kansas, Nevada, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with enacting or improving sentencing guidelines.
  • Conducting original research with partner jurisdictions for the Probation Revocation Project and the Parole Release and Revocation Project across the United States at no cost to those agencies.
  • Engaging in discipline-related public service, outreach, and events that are open to students, scholars, the University, the local and national legal communities, criminal justice stakeholders, and the public.
  • Publishing reports, publications, books, articles, blog posts, briefs, and infographics in open access format online, making most of our work available to all.

Scott Schultz, Executive Director of the Kansas Sentencing Commission, says:

"As the Executive Director of the Kansas Sentencing Commission (KSSC), one of my duties is to make recommendations to the Commission to further smart criminal justice policy in the state. A major resource my office turns to for assistance is the Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice. Annually the KSSC holds a two-day workshop to develop policy for the upcoming legislative session. Staff at Robina have always been very responsive to our inquiries for assistance, including even presenting at a workshop after their Criminal History Enhancements Sourcebook had been published. The ideas generated from their presentation and the Sourcebook gave rise to an evaluation of criminal history scoring of juvenile adjudications. As a result 2016 HB 2463 and 2017 HB 2092 were passed, effectively adding a five-year gap provision when considering juvenile priors. Simply put, this legislation would not have happened without Robina. They are a trusted source for state criminal justice sentencing. A continuing relationship with Robina is vital to our success in promoting data driven, research-based policy for Kansas."

The Robina Institute was founded in 2011, thanks to the generosity of a founding gift from the Robina Foundation (created by University of Minnesota Law School Alumni James H. Binger (Class of 1941) with the mission of funding major institutions that generate transformative ideas and promising approaches to address critical social issues).

However, the duration of that founding gift from the Robina Foundation ends at the end of 2018, and we need your support today, to continue moving forward with this important and transformative research.

Each gift will ensure that the Robina Institute may continue the work that was started in 2011.

Please consider giving to the Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice today.

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