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Brianna Shirley
Goal $ 2,000.00
50% towards our goal
The Roosens
$ 50.00
Have a fabulous year Bri! You are a beautiful dancer, and we wish you luck! Go Bulldogs!
Dick And Kelly Howe
$ 100.00
Keep up the great work and good luck at UDA Nationals!
Sara Forsberg
$ 25.00
$ 200.00
Go get'em!! Love you!
$ 25.00
Gram & Gramp Slager
$ 500.00
We love watching you dance and have enjoyed seeing how dance has enhanced your life. "Break a leg!"
Richard And Kelly Howe
$ 100.00
Best wishes to you and your team!
$ 1,000.00 raised
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My name is Brianna Shirley, I am a junior at UMD and I am one of the three senior captains on the UMD Dance Team.  Dancing has always been a passion of mine and has shaped me into the person I am today.  I have been dancing competitively for ten years now and never want to stop! In high school, I was a member of the Prescott High School Dance Team where I was named captain both my junior and senior year.  I was also part of Stella Dance Studio in my home town.  Not only have I gotten to enjoy learning how to dance, but I have also had the privilege to teach dance.  This allowed for me to combine my love for dance, with my major which is Integrated Elementary and Special Education.  I could not be more thankful for what my dance teachers and what dance itself has taught me throughout the years.  Dancing on the UMD Dance Team has been a journey, we are a captain led team, meaning we have no coach.  This has allowed us to form a unique bond as teammates that is a learning experience for us all.  I am so lucky to be dancing next to such talented, hard working individuals.  We are recognized as a Club Sport here at UMD and do not receive much funding for how expensive our sport is. Each girl pays about $2500 out of pocket for monthly dues, and costumes.  Donating to my page will help me cover the costs to continue dancing here, as well as help with the cost of my costume that I will use at nationals! I appreciate all the love and support, GO DOGS!


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