Benefits: 4-H Agronomy, Crops, Soils, & Horticulture - Project Refresh Initiative
Youth working with an adult volunteer to study soil health
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Invest in Minnesota youth through 4-H.

Minnesota 4-H would like to refresh and re-energize our programming and volunteer training in crops and soils. We hope to bring new learning opportunities to Minnesota youth, and help young people experience how science connects to agriculture.

There is tremendous potential for 4-H to be a more active player in helping Minnesota widen a pipeline of future talent that’s prepared to pursue science-based careers in this sector that’s so critical to our state’s economy.

We invite you to read more about our plan and consider a gift to support this initiative. Dollars raised via this site will fund mini-grants to county 4-H programs around the state to develop and launch a pilot project in their community.

Every gift, no matter the size, helps Minnesota 4-H grow true leaders

Thanks to the Minnesota Corn Growers Association's recent $20,000 gift to kick-start this work, we've hit the ground running! But we need your help to achieve our vision. We hope to match MCGA's investment and double our impact.

4-H projects in agronomy can explore plant genetics, physiology, soil science, and even the weather. Agronomy combines biology, chemistry, ecology, earth science, genetics, and climate science. As a career choice, agronomists produce healthier food, counteract invasive species, manage environmental impacts, and create energy.

Ultimately, we think this journey will lead us build statewide learning opportunities that excite young people and that volunteers are willing and able to support:

  • New judging systems and scoring rubrics for crops projects exhibited at fairs.
  • One-day or short workshop format plant science regional events or across the state.
  • Online or team-based grain/commodities marketing challenge.
  • Kits or “project-in-a-box” opportunities for youth to explore plant genetics, weed control, plant identification, and horticulture.
  • Enhanced plant science focus built within the Science of Agriculture Challenge.
  • Internship opportunities for youth to lead summer workshops or youth-teaching-youth experiences, plot testing, or plant displays.
  • Adapted 4-H crops programs developed by other states (examples: Iowa, Kansas, Indiana).
  • Service learning or volunteer opportunities that connect food and agriculture.
  • Identify, equip, and encourage a new generation of adult volunteers to lead 4-H agronomy projects in their community.

Thank you for helping Minnesota 4-H'ers learn to lead and succeed! Join us on social using #MN4HGIVE and #MN4H.

Minnesota 4-H is the youth development program led by University of Minnesota Extension's Center for Youth Development.

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