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Max Bradley
Goal $ 500.00
100% towards our goal
$ 50.00
Joy & Dave
$ 200.00
Max you were one in a million and people ask everyday "where is Max" and we have to give them the sad news!!
Aunt Sue
$ 100.00
Kim -- What a great birthday gift from you to give to Max in his honor and memorium. He continues to live on in your heart, memories and now research!
$ 150.00
Merry Kim Meyers
$ 25.00
Max, you were a "hole in one-derful" companion. . Dearly missed and beloved by all.
$ 20.00
$ 15.00
Your Ironwood G.C. Friends
$ 200.00
In memory of the Best Golf Course Dog Ever! Max your were one in a million!
A Golf Course Pal
$ 20.00
Max, you were a very special dog!
$ 800.00 raised
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Max Bradley

3/18/2008 – 3/10/2017

Byron Center, MI

Loyal Best Friend, Loving Family Companion, Official Ironwood Golf Course Labradoodle and Famous Calendar Dog. Max was without a doubt the friendliest canine around with his endearing smile, charismatic personality, happy go lucky stride, and fluffy wagging tail. He taught us all how to enjoy life “To the Max!" thru his running, swimming, digging, critter chasing, stick chewing, golf cart riding, pizza eating, mud-loving moments. He won recognition as Mr. May 2015 and Mr. July 2017 in two international turf dog calendar photo contests, a huge accomplishment! Max was everyone’s buddy, pal, and friend. He never passed up an opportunity to sit next to someone, get scratches, and offer compassion. He helped many of us weather the storms of life. Max loved unconditionally and was surrounded by love when it was his time to cross over the rainbow bridge into heaven after a very sudden yet courageous battle with Primary Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA), a disease which took him from this world all to soon. Those who knew and loved him miss Max deeply, the atmosphere at home and at the golf course isn’t the same without him roaming around but we know he is with us in spirit. You will forever be in our hearts Max. You never let a critter go unharassed or a hand go un-nudged. You were truly one in a million!

In memory of Max we are raising money to benefit the research being done on IMHA at the College of Veterinary Medicine. They are working to identify gene mutations responsible for the development of the disease. Their goal is to use the research to better understand the disease mechanism and disease triggers, and to develop a test that can help breeders decrease the incidence of the disease. They also hope to use the results of their research to help predict disease severity and response to treatment.

Max succomb to Primary IMHA a week and two days after being diagnosed with the silent disease. He fought a brief yet courageous battle enduring a steroid treatment, blood transfusion, and oxygen therapy. We became aware of Dr. Steven Friedenberg's research program on IMHA in the Canine Genetics Lab at the University of Minnesota after Max's passing, he was kind enough to answer some of our questions regarding the disease. Our hope is that his research will help prevent IMHA from suddenly taking the lives of so many wonderful dogs in the future. Primary IMHA is a auto-immune disease in which a dog's immune system mistakenly produces antibodies that attack its own red-blood cells, by the time a dog shows symptoms of the disease it can be hard to treat and cure. It is the most common cause of anemia in dogs.

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